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Today I was featured in the Indy Young Nonprofit Professionals Network’s Blog Interview Series. Here I talk about my work at the Indiana Medical History Museum, including the Voices from Central State series, as a bridge between academic and public history. From the interview:

Why have you focused your career on the nonprofit sector?
I love affective learning experiences that include feelings of intrigue, shock, fascination, immersion, insight and understanding. Museums are wonderful in that they invite visitors to marvel, and their collections and displays literally embody the connections between the past and the present. The Indiana Medical History Museum has so many artifacts that make visitors say “wow!” — from brains in jars to our beautifully preserved autopsy amphitheater. Those “wow moments” provide a springboard for education about a range of topics: the evolution of health care in Indianapolis, how disease manifests in the body, the ethics of medical research, the experience of mental illness. I am inspired by the endless possibilities for engagement and interpretation that museums afford, and the roles they can play as a community resource.


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